Best Ever Anger Management Techniques To Calm You Down Right Now

Best Ever Anger Management Techniques To Calm You Down Right Now
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We all have experienced anger and most of us are struggling with it. It’s a healthy, completely normal feeling until it didn’t get out of control. 

Anger outbursts can repeatedly cause hurt, conflict, and stress. People think instead of suppressing the rage, venting it out is good for health, but the truth is that neither suppressing nor venting out your fury is good. 

The people you hurt the most are your loved ones then ended up regretting what you said or did. This situation can create problems in your personal or professional life. It is not justified, you don’t have to show anger to get respect.

Anger is destructive, we have to master this volatile human emotion. 

Understanding Anger

In its pure form, anger is simply a charge of energy in our body. This energetic charge spreads in your body when you lose patience. The experience of anger varies from person to person. For example, someone may yell when they are angry, someone else may cry, while some become withdrawn.

You may experience anger when you feel victimized, threatened, inadequate, criticized, violated, shamed, or when things are unfair. But the main thing is how you respond to anger??

Here, Blame Game Begins

When something goes wrong, you often blame the situation or other person and vent out your anger on them: “Someone forced me in this situation that made me so angry”, “She did something that I had no choice but to be angry.” A person fails during the interview and blames the interviewer instead of acknowledging his unpreparedness. It would be more productive to confess your weakness, but the ego won’t let this happen.

Blaming others is a sign of non-acceptance. It turns you into helpless victims, it leads you to seek other people’s sympathy, justifying why it was not your fault. You avoid looking at yourself by pointing fingers elsewhere.

You should accept the reality of the situation without reacting strongly at the moment and move forward from there. You will feel a newer consciousness opening up and the right action will follow.

How Anger Management Works

Most people assume that managing anger is about learning to suppress your anger. But suppressing anger leads to a pressure cooker of emotions building up inside, which can cause mental and physical health issues. The actual motive behind anger management is to express your emotions in a healthier way without losing control.

Control your anger by giving a try to these 7 anger management techniques, Mastering it can take time, the more you practice, the more easily you will get it.

Think Before You Speak

In heat of the moment, we say things that can be hurtful for people then regret later. Don’t react immediately. Think about what your response is gonna be and how this will impact the conversation. Taking decisions in aggression can ruin your relations with the person. 
Take time to collect all the thoughts before you saying it and allow the other person to involve in the situation to do the same thing.

Dealing With Criticism

Criticism, a common cause of anger. Especially when you feel you are being criticized unjustly. What happens next? You usually get defensive and angry or feel hurt. What if you respond differently? 
Consider the criticism as an opportunity to learn about yourselves. Try to be polite and thankful when someone tells you, “Look, you made this mistake” thank them for correcting you. This attitude of openness will help you to welcome changes, new possibilities and the result will be continuous improvement.
When you have that understanding, criticism will not appear negative, it will become the window of opportunity.

Explore The Actual Reason Behind Your Anger

Big fights often happen over silly things. But usually, there’s a big reason behind it. Identify the actual source of your frustration, take constructive action, and work towards the solution. Ask yourself “What am I actually angry about?” 
Find out if your anger masking other feelings like insecurity, shame, vulnerability, hurt, or embarrassment. Either it can be a symptom of underlying health issues such as trauma, depression. chronic stress.

Practice Relaxation

Relaxation techniques can help to calm your angry feelings. It relaxes your muscles and releases tension from your muscles. Relaxation followed by meditation will improve your overall health. 
  • start with taking deep breaths

  • repeat a word or phrase as “relax”, “take it easy” while deeply breathing
  • slow yoga-like relaxation will make you feel better and calm
  • then slowly bring your attention to the heart and start meditating
Practice it every day for better results. 

Identify What Triggers You

So many things can trigger anger, and it can arise from both inside and outside. Tragic events, advice, criticism, humiliation, advice, insults are examples of outside triggers while desire, expectation, wishes are from within.
You have to identify what is your trigger point. By understanding these points, you can control your anger, reframe your thoughts, and respond in a healthier way.

Don’t Hold Grudges

Recalling a bad past event or bad emotions affects your health negatively. As it comes from the past, it has been stored in your subconscious mind long ago, forms a knot of trapped energy, and now it’s being released.
In this case, forgiveness is the only powerful tool for letting go of bitterness and anger. When you forgive that person who angered you then you both can learn from this situation and this will strengthen your relationship. 

Postpone The Anger

You often postpone good things till later, like exercising, eating healthy food. Can you hold that intensity for too long? We can’t hold that explosive energy for a long time. 
Try simply pausing or postpone the rage for a day or two. And these things can happen:
  • You may feel sorrow for the other person

  • Even if the person was wrong why make it worse? you can take the situation under control by not reacting and can preserve the relationship

As fire can’t emit coolness, Cheerfulness and anger can’t go together. An angry person neither share nor receive love. whether you are financially wealthy, physically healthy, and intellectually sound, what will happen if your ability to love and be loved is missing?

Nobody wants to associate with a person with a short fuse. The fire of anger can destroy everything Individual peace, harmony within the family, and mental well being.
So whenever you are angry instead of blaming others, feeling guilty, exploding, try to apply these tips in your life. 
There is nothing wrong with making mistakes also as you employ the prospect to strengthen yourself!!”


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