How To Think Positive When Situation Is Not In Favor

How To Think Positive When Situation Is Not In Favor

Difficult times come to every person’s life. Sometimes it becomes tough to stay positive when you are surrounded by negativity.

Having a positive mental attitude can help you deal better with disturbing and stressful situations.

Positivity is not magic, it won’t make your all problems disappear although thinking positively can make it seem more manageable in an effective and productive way.

Power of positivity

People who have a positive outlook, always look at the bright side of life and precede success, good health, and happiness. Such people can overcome any difficulties and obstacles they face.

To live a happy life, you need to learn how to emphasize positive thinking that can improve your outlook on life.

Here are some benefits of positive thinking:

  • it can lower the rate of depression
  • gives you better health
  • increases immunity
  • stress-free life
  • increased life span
  • fast recovery from injuries and disease

How to stay positive

Not everyone follows and believes in the concept of positive thinking. However, there is a  growing number of people who truly believe in the power of positivity and accept the fact.

To get the benefits of positive thinking you need to adapt this behavior in everything you do. Just focus on these few things listed here:

Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

Start with believing in yourself because this is the best way you can build a positive outlook towards the situation. Give up the idea of giving up and step out of your comfort zone.

When you feel like the current situation is not in your favor, remind yourself that it is up to you to find good regardless of being negative.

Only your positive mindset can help you to get out of the bad situation.

Identify Your Areas Of Negativity

identify your areas of negativity

You won’t be successful at staying positive if negative thoughts are continuously troubling you. Take a look at different areas and incidents of your life, and recognize the one where you tend to be unduly negative. Learn to identify and replace those thoughts.

You can ask your close ones, co-workers, and friends, they can give you some insights. Make a list of all the ways how negativity impacts your life.

It affects your relationships, behavior, and feelings. Then make a list of all the ways you can be beneficial from staying positive. Focus on one area of negativity at a time.

Show gratitude

show gratitude

Even in the bad times, many among us realize we still have some good things going on in life for which we are grateful.

Think of moments, things, or people that bring you happiness, any kind of comfort, and show gratitude at least once a day. It is the best way to nurture positive energy in your life.

This can be done by thanking a loved one for washing dishes, a co-worker for helping in the project, or your pet for their unconditional love.

Live In Positive Environment

live in positive environment

The people you choose to be around and the internet sources you let influence your mind affects your outlook. Spending time with people lift you up and help you see the bright side that improves your self-esteem, confidence, and raise your chances of reaching goals.

Cut out the toxic and negative people from your life. Negative media sources can damage your way of thinking. Spend more time watching motivating movies, listening to inspirational audiobooks and podcasts, reading positive and constructive blogs or books. Read inspirational stories made by optimistic people.

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Focus On Good Things In Negative Situations

good in negative

Life without challenges and obstacles is pointless. You will face difficulties at every stage of life. So one of the easiest ways to think positive in these situations is to keep looking for good things no matter how little it seems.

When you come across any negative situation just ask these two questions to yourself:

  • What is one good thing about this situation?
  • What I should learn from this situation?

This would open up your mind to new prospects and possibilities that can be helpful to find solutions to problems.

Take criticism in a healthy way


Being criticized is the biggest fear for most of us. It holds you back from doing what you want to do in life. Learn to take it in a healthier way this will lessen your fear of being criticized and it will hurt less.

Criticism gives you a new perspective and opens your eyes to things you never considered. Try to remain open-minded and calm. When someone is criticizing you figure out how this message can help you.

Ask yourself:

Is there something that you don’t want to listen to but could help you?

Also, read this to know How criticism is important if you want to succeed and how to deal with it in a better way.

Stop worrying about everything

do not worry about things

Worrying about things is a powerful obstacle to destroy your thinking. Most of the things we fear about that never happen to us. They are just scary nightmares in our minds. It grows with every passing day and leaves us feeling stressed.

How many of your worries actually happened?

This will give you a reality check. Sometimes we just build imaginary negative situations in our mind and that stop us from being optimist towards problems.

Accept changes & find solutions

believe in yourself

Most of us are defiant to changes and can’t accept it in our lives. We continuously go through good or bad changes. You can experience the most difficult phase of life but you should look at the positive aspects and find the solution. You feel more negative about the situation when you are just sitting around and not doing anything about it.

Having an optimistic viewpoint can help you to relax and be more accepting. When you train yourself for staying positive then none of your problems can destroy you.

Add values & positivity to other people’s life

add positivity to other people's life

A positive thinker not only makes his life better also fill other’s life with positivity. You must have heard of that popular saying:

“What you spread around tend to get back from the world and the people in it.”

How you treat others and the way you think of them results in to have a huge effect on how you think about yourself.

So, spread positivity and add value to other people’s lives, it can be helping out a friend, listening to them, boosting their mood.

Do volunteering or charity, gives you mental peace and boosts spiritual health. Contributing to someone’s betterment and happiness could make you realize how blessed you are than others.

This way you can dedicate your time to helping others and not paying attention to negative people around you.

When your brain is trained on how to stay positive in difficult situations then negative things can’t ruin your day. This attitude will help you stay positive and constructive during tough times.

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13 responses to “How To Think Positive When Situation Is Not In Favor”

  1. Great inspirational post about the power of being positive. I agree that what you put into the world comes back to you. Plus, in every situation, we have a choice to give in to the negative or look for the bright side and learning opportunity.

  2. This post is a great post and something that I really needed to help inspire me to remain more positive. I don’t think that it’s good to be overly positive, but it’s something that I need to implement more.

  3. Wonderful tips! I especially love what you said about finding the lesson in any situation. I’ve been adopting this mindset shift, and it’s helped so much! Instead of worrying about negative experiences, I can reflect on them.

    Thanks for sharing! ✨

  4. Great tips and inspiration! I’m a three-time cancer survivor and I’ve learned that even the hardest moments can be made a little easier by searching for positivity..

  5. This is such a wonderful topic, thank you for writing on it! Life can be super tough sometimes, but one of my favorite ways to ground myself is just to go back to giving thanks for the simple little things. Really enjoyed this post!

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