Best Of 25 Social Media Influencers You Must Follow

Best Of 25 Social Media Influencers You Must Follow
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As of July 2020, quite half of all the people on Earth use social media. About 3.96 billion people across the earth use social media today, equating to almost 51 percent of the entire global population. 

Nowadays social media and social media influencers have become an essential part of our lives. 



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Social Media Influencer A person that uses social handles to offer useful advice and products that are actually helpful for the audience and change their lives for the better. A social media influencer can be a celebrity, blogger, or an entrepreneur, and more.
Today we will talk about such social media influencers who are not just doing great for their own also helping others lead better lives. Some of them are who literally had nothing but built themselves to achieve success.


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Huda Kattan is a self-made beauty blogger, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She is the world’s top influential beauty expert. Huda is the founder of the cosmetic line HUDA BEAUTY. She started Huda Beauty when she couldn’t find false eyelashes. She sells one of the best false eyelashes that even celebrities swear of. Now she has about 47 million followers on Instagram and quite 4 million subscribers on YouTube. She features a net worth of a minimum of $610 million. 


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Kayla Itsines is an entrepreneur and Australian fitness trainer. She is a co-creator of BBG (Bikini Body Guides). It’s a fitness program that includes cardio, high-intensity plyometric exercises, and recovery sessions as well for women. Kayla features herself or other women on her BBG programs. She posts workout videos, diet tips, and inspirational posts on her social media handles. Time Magazine featured her in one of the Top 30 Most Influential People On The Internet.

The 28-Day Bikini Body Healthy Lifestyle & Eating Guide: 200 Recipes, Weekly Menus, 4-Week Workout Plan

The Bikini Body Motivation and Habits Guide


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Selena Gomez is an astounding, singer, actress, and celebrity influencer who created a strong and positive name for herself at a young age. She has often used her social media to take initiative against human trafficking and protecting children from violence. For about three years Selena held the title of the most-followed woman on Instagram. She has launched her makeup line Rare Beauty in September.


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Cameron Dallas is an internet personality, YouTuber, and actor. He’s best known for his notoriety on the video application Vine and YouTube. His posts have mesmeric personal touches that help the audience to simply connect with them. Dallas gets a show on Netflix, Chasing Cameron due to their internet fam.


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Mariam Ezzeddine is an entrepreneur, founder, and owner of COOKIN’ WITH MIMA. Mima had a bachelor’s degree in ‘Criminal Justice’ but she didn’t want to do risky jobs for the rest of her life and that pushed her to pursue her passion in the food industry. She shares healthy food, desserts, nutrient-dense foods, and easy to make family-friendly recipes with her audience. She advises the youth that you should never give up and believe in yourself. 


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Cristiano Ronaldo, I don’t think this legend needs any introduction. He is the greatest football player in the world and one of the best players of all time. He is a true inspiration for millions. Ronaldo is the most followed personality on Instagram with more than 235 million followers. He was featured in the Most 100 Influential People list by Time Magazine.


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Zach King is an internet personality, illusionist, and filmmaker. His ‘Magic Vines’ are world-famous, these are digitally edited six seconds videos that look like he is doing magic. He used to make Final Cut Pro software tutorials on YouTube to pay his college fee. In 2011, he posted a video named “Jedy Kittens” that went viral and got a million hits this encourages him to make more videos. YouTube added his name in one of the 25 Most Promising Young Filmmakers lists.


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Zakir Khan what an interesting personality!! He is a true inspiration to youth, from being asked to get off the stage in 90 seconds to become a popular standup comedian. He is a college dropout and those struggling days taught him lessons of life and the best thing about Zakir Khan is that he can make you laugh by sharing those moments in a funny way. 


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A post shared by Kylie 🤍 (@kyliejenner) on
Kylie Jenner A businesswoman and American media personality. She has launched her own cosmetic company Kylie Cosmetics. She has also released a mobile App for Kylie Cosmetics that reached number one on the iTunes App Store. At the age of 14, she has created a clothing line “Kylie & Kendell” with her sister. She was the youngest person to be featured on Forbes 100 World’s Highest-Paid Celebrity list.



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Michelle Lewin is a fitness model and bodybuilder. She grew up in poverty, being underweight, and dietary deficient to having exemplary physique, her journey is inspiring. For fitness and nutrition, her team launched two mobile applications – Mealplan and Fitplan. Her husband Jimmy always encourages her to compete in bodybuilding competitions and modeling.


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A post shared by Bhuvan Bam (@bhuvan.bam22) on
Bhuvan Bam  A youtube star who is a true inspiration for millions. He started with his YouTube channel “BB ki vines” that have more than 17 million subscribers now. There is always a message to youth in his videos. Bhuvan also worked in Bachelors on TVF and Happy Fi’s Bro Court. And a singer too, Teri Meri Kahani was released by TVF and Heer Ranjha released a month ago. He had been a speaker in TEDxDelhi and inspired many people.


Dr. Mike is an American internet celebrity doctor. he is a great inspiration for people who want to enter the medical field. He is spreading awareness about several health issues like reducing stress, improving nutrition, reducing risks of cancer, and many more. Dr. Mike went viral when he featured in Buzzfeed And People magazine’s issue of The Sexiest Doctor Alive.


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A post shared by tyler oakley (@tyleroakley) on
Tyler Oakley is a social activist and American YouTuber. He fights for the LGBT community and their rights. Tyler who is openly gay, activism is dedicated to education, suicide prevention for LGBT youth, and healthcare. He is considered one of the world’s leading celebrities.


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Lewis Howes is a lifestyle entrepreneur and world record held athlete. He has written two books named “Mask of Masculinity” and “School Of Greatness”. His journey went from living on his sister’s couch to having a net worth of $10 Million. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.


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Raj Shamani A 23 years old entrepreneur and motivational speaker. From his childhood, he was named as the useless kid since he was not good in academics who is now the founder & CEO of Shamani Industries. He talks to people and supports them in doing what they love. He provides a platform for students and gives information about how and where to begin. In his TED sessions, he told that no kid is useless, everyone has their purpose they just need to find it. His goal is to empower every student. This useless kid is now representing India in many global events and ruling the stages.


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Chiara Ferragni One of the most powerful digital entrepreneurs in the world and CEO of “The Blonde Salad“. She got international recognition by winning the “Bloglovin” award for the third consecutive year. And her blog named “Best Personal Style Blog”. Ferragni was ranked first in Forbes “Top Fashion Influencers” list and became a top styled blogger in just 5 years.


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Paul Nicklen is a well-known wildlife photographer, marine biologist, conservation activist, TED talk speaker, and co-founder of SeaLegacy. He is also known for his national biographic magazine, his polar obsession, and his will to go beyond expectations for the shot inspires his followers.


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Kritika Khurana is famous among people as “The Boho Girl”. She is a fashion blogger. She started on Instagram by posting OOTD – Outfit Of The Day on a daily basis. When she started gaining followers, launched her own website That Boho Girl. She shares posts about styles, trends, and also her travel adventures with her audience.


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Jamie Oliver A well-known chef-restaurateur and author. The reason he chose to become a chef was because of the lack of nutrition in U. K. lunches. He is working towards educating and making school kids and administration to eating nutritious lunches and enjoy cooking. Also, he launched a “feed me better” national campaign for better school meals.


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Santoshi Shetty A 25-years old fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is the founder of The Style Edge blog that made her popular on social media. At this age being a fashion icon in India is praiseworthy. In the year 2016, she was named “Blogger Of The Year” by Cosmopolitan and Elle.


Lilly Singh Canadian comedian, YouTuber, and writer. She was ranked on the Forbes list of the World’s Highest-Paid YouTubers. Before starting on YouTube she was suffering from depression but this brave girl decided to come out and open up to people through Youtube. Now she has amassed more than 14 million subscribers.


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Zoe Sugg Businesswomen, vlogger, and author. At the age of 19 started working in an interior design company where she started her blog Zoella and get a huge fanbase. Zoe helps people through her vlogs to deal with their life problems. She launched her brand Zoella Beauty in 2014 and that was described as the “Biggest Beauty Launch Of The Year”.


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Aranya Johar an Indian poet who creates awareness about women empowerment through her poetry. She writes on gender discrimination, body positivity, and mental health. Her first release “A Brown Girls Guide To Gender” became viral and got 1 million hits in just two days. Aranya is such a talented poet and an inspiration for all women. She has been praised by various foundations and poets for her work.


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Louise Pentland Top beauty, motherhood, and lifestyle blogger. She is known for her blog Sprinkle Of Glitter and YouTube channel. Louise shares posts on product reviews and DIY interior designs on her social media. Her support for gender equality and body positivity shines through in all her work. This social media influencer has also released some bestseller books; Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter and Sprinkle of Glitter 2016 Diary: Have the Best Year of Your Life.

Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter 



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Niomi Smart is a YouTube sensation, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. She is also known as Lady Smart. Niomi inspires people to live, look, and feel better. She shares posts about easy to follow fitness guides, plant-based recipes, and organic makeup. She is the author of the book Eat Smart: What to Eat in a Day–Every Day 2017 and knows she is about to launch her new brand My Smart Skin.

These are the top social media influencers who inspire their audience by sharing their life journey, experiences, information. 
Who is the person that inspires you in your life?… Comment Below!!
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